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VCIS(Voice Case Information System)

Voice Case Information System:



The Voice Case Information System is designed to help make information gathering on Bankruptcy cases easier and more efficient. It works by simply calling the above number. The phone is answered by a machine that will allow the caller to search for case information by state. Here is a detailed description of how it works:
When a caller dials the above number, a computer answers the phone, follow the instructions to get to the state in which the bankruptcy was filed. Once the caller has selected the correct state the caller can: choose 1 to hear instructions; choose 2 to search by case number; choose 3 to search by participant name; or choose 4 to search by participant social security number / tax ID. The first option explains exactly how to enter the proper data through the key pad on your phone. The other 3 options are the different methods a caller can use to search our case files.

Once a case has been chosen, the automated system gives a great deal of information. It states the basic case information including the case number, debtor name, last 4 digits of SSN / Tax ID, chapter, date filed, asset status, attorney name, trustee name, and judge assigned to the case. In addition, other pertinent information is listed including case status, date for next activity (such as 341 hearing), and the location of the next activity. At the end of each case listing, the caller is given the option to have the party names spelled. This is very useful for some of the more complex names that the automated systems doesn't pronounce clearly. A caller is allowed to search up to 5 cases per call.

This service is provided to the public free of charge.

If you have any questions about VCIS, please call the Clerk's Office in Portland at (207) 780-3482.