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Hearings in the bankruptcy court are held in Bangor or Portland depending on which judge is assigned to the case. The Notice of Hearing provided to interested parties for a particular hearing will provide the date, time, and place for the hearing.

Telephonic Participation in Hearings

Unless the Court orders or Local Rules provide otherwise, you may appear for a proceeding by telephone. For information about telephonic appearances, consult the Administrative Procedures for Telephonic Participation, which is Appendix B to the Local Rules.

Video Participation from Alternative Courtroom

Judge Fagone’s regularly scheduled hearings in Bangor will be video streamed to Portland and your participation via video from the Portland Courtroom is welcomed.

Judge Cary’s regularly scheduled hearings in Portland can be streamed to Bangor upon advance request.  If you are interested in appearing via video from the Bangor Courtroom at a one of Judge Cary’s regularly scheduled hearings, please contact the Clerk’s Office 48 hours in advance to make arrangements to participate via video.

For any specially scheduled hearing, video participation from the courtroom in Bangor or Portland may be permitted only upon Court authorization.