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Electronic Filing of Proof of Claim - ePOC

Electronic Proof of Claim (ePOC) permits proofs of claims to be filed directly from the court’s website. The ePOC system will create and file, or amend and file, a completed claim form (Official Form 410) online. A copy of the proof of claim may be printed or saved as part of the ePOC process.  Any supporting documents, other than proofs of claim, also need to be prepared as PDFs in order to be uploaded and filed with the court. Each PDF file can not exceed 50 MB in size.

Creditors, Attorneys and Parties in Interest may file Proofs of Claim electronically through the Court website without being a registered ECF User. 

The name and complete address of the creditor must appear on the claim form. If an attorney is filing the claim on behalf of a creditor, the attorney must also enter his name and address. The name and title, if any, of the person authorized to file the claim is also required on the claim form.

Types of Claim Actions Which Can Be Filed Electronically Without a Login and Password:

 NOTE:  All Chapter 7 cases are initially treated as No Asset until a trustee determines there are assets available for distribution. Therefore, creditors in Chapter 7 cases should wait to file a claim until they receive notice to do so.   

Claim Actions That Can Not be Filed Electronically through Court Website:

  • Assignments or Transfers of Claim

These actions may only be filed electronically through the Court's ECF Filing system (which requires a login and password), or may be filed with the Clerk's office by mail or in person and must include the fee for transferring a claim.