The forms accessible from this site are monitored and updated regularly by the District of Maine Bankruptcy Court. THE CLERK CAUTIONS THAT IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE USER TO BE AWARE OF CHANGES/UPDATES TO OFFICIAL FORMS. FILINGS ON OFFICIAL FORMS MUST BE MADE USING THE MOST RECENT VERSION OF THE FORM. In the event that changes have been adopted which are not yet available on this site, it remains the responsibility of the user to obtain and file the correct, most up-to-date form.

The Clerk's Office cannot print and supply forms from this Internet Site.

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Official Bankruptcy Forms are available at the US Courts web site.
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Commonly Used Bankruptcy Forms:

The following forms are available from other judiciary sites. (The links below go directly to their forms on their respective sites.)

Local Forms

The following forms are not in pdf format since changes must be made to accomodate information of variable length. They are offered here in WordPerfect (wpd) and or Word (doc) formats.