New Courtroom Procedure in Bangor

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

As outlined during the recent brown bag lunches in Bangor, Augusta, and Portland, and beginning with the July 23 Bangor hearing day, for hearings IN BANGOR ONLY, the courtroom deputy will be in the courtroom from 9:45AM-9:55AM for parties to report, either in person or by telephone, agreed resolutions to matters scheduled for hearing that day.  Hearings will continue to begin at 10:00AM.   Any agreed resolution reported to the courtroom deputy may, at the discretion of the Court, be called at or near the beginning of the regular hearing list.  Use of the agreed resolution procedure is optional.  Hearings involving an agreed resolution will not be recorded, but their disposition will be docketed in a minute entry or minute order. Matters which may be presented to the courtroom deputy are:

1. Fully resolved contested matters or adversary proceedings, where all that remains to be done is the filing of an agreed order, settlement agreement, Rule 9019 motion, stipulation of dismissal, etc.

2. Agreements among all applicable parties that an evidentiary hearings is needed.

3. Agreed continuances which were reached too late to file an agreed continuance pursuant to D. Me. LBR 9045-1(b). This procedure may not be used to obtain a continuance if such continuance was unavailable under LBR 9045-1(b).