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Hearings in the bankruptcy court are held in Bangor, Portland, or Augusta depending on where the case was filed. The Notice of Hearing provided to interested parties for a particular hearing should tell you where the hearing will be held. In many instances you may be permitted to appear by telephone (see procedures below). Directions to all three locations.

Self-Scheduling Routine Matters

The Court has entered a Standing Order that allows parties to self-schedule routine matters. Routine matters are those for which the hearings are expected to be non-testimonial and last five minutes or less. The court reserves the right to reschedule matters which it does not believe will be routine. The following non-exclusive list is intended to illustrate matters which may be considered routine:

Applications for Compensation                     Applications to Compromise
Applications to Pay Admin.Expenses           Applications to Sell or Lease
Chapter 7 Trustees' Final Reports                 Confirmations (in Chapter 13 cases)
Motions to Allow and Disallow                    Motions to Approve Reaf Agreements
Motions to Avoid Liens                                Motions to Borrow
Motions to Compel                                       Motions to Dismiss the Case
Motions to Extend the Automatic Stay         Motions to Extend Time
Motions to Redeem                                       Motions for Relief from Stay
Motions to Withdraw as Attorney                 Objections to Claims
Objections to Claim of Exemptions              Orders to Appear and Show Cause
Staus or Scheduling Conferences

To view available hearing dates for routine matters, please select the appropriate judge.

Chief Judge L.H.Kornreich's Hearing Dates

Judge P.G. Cary Hearing Dates

Telephonic Participation in Hearings

Court Call is the vendor for telephonic hearings.

Administrative Procedures for Telephonic Participation in Hearings.

Telephonic Appearance Vendor Information

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